Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest Potpourri!

I am so sorry I haven't been doing Trendy Tuesday! Trust me the only thing I have been wearing lately is athletic shorts and a t-shirt and well that isn't gonna make the fashion shows in Paris. Well I have been pinning and here is ten more for you to see!
Orange Beach, AL
Where Maylon is right now...Orange Beach, Alabama

Where Shian is right now....New Hampshire

Charleston, South Carolina
Where I am right now.....Home haha

Where I wish I was... Pittsburgh ( Steeler Nation!)

Troy Polamalu, the dynamic Pittsburgh Steelers safety, was named by The Associated Press as the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year on Monday. Polamalu beat out Green ...
Maybe I can go soon and see my man, Troy Polamalu

the weeknd
Who I am listening to right now.. The Weeknd. My new found music I love.

What I did my grandparents move

spring cleaning checklist
What I am suppose to be doing..

cleaning my room
What really happens!
What I feel like doing! 

Love y'all (: - Hailey

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