Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pinterest Potpourri

Hey! So I completely forgot yesterday was Wednesday! sad right? very. Which means I forgot to show you 10 things on Pinterest that caught my eye. I am going to hold on to the phrase better late than never so here we go:

luke bryan <3
Girl I'm a little drunk on you, and high on summer time <3

It's summer! cute picture idea!

Love the coloring
I love her hair coloring and her hair style!

Drake Drake Draaaake
words from the amazing Drake

I Can't Be The Only One
my schedule!

Love this outfit! Lace and pleats
love this lace over this dress!

Cute Nails
love this! so classy. (:
Willie from Duck Dynasty
this is the show!

bows, bows, bows!
coral and mint bow skirts! 

Pink Gold Engagment Ring
sooo adorable!

Hope your high on summer time (; - Hailey

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trendy Tuesday!

I think it's safe to say that coral & mint are the colors of Summer 2012! They're pretty much perfect. They have seriously grown to be my faves!

Coral is the perfect summer color because it's so bright and fun, and personally I'm obsessed with it!

Mint green is such a soft, beautiful color. It looks good with any skin color and it's not a super crazy color, you can wear it casually or dress it up for a night out.

Well I know that I am totally obsessed with these colors this Summer! But what about yall? I would love to hear what yall think!

Hope you're Summer is started off amazing.
-Maylon :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

First day of summer

Well today was the first day of summer. The first day to sleep in and do nothing! Which is sooo what I did, nothing like pinning a thousand pins on pinterest and watching a marathon of Duck Dynasty. I sit her thinking is this all my summer is gonna be? Maybe somedays but I am planning on this summer to be a big one. How am I planning this? Exactly, I'm not just gonna take it day by day and have a good one!

It's summer time loves! - Hailey

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just another day in the life of Maylon

Happy Thursday! It's definitely a happy day for Hailey, Shian, & I because it's our last day of school! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for Summer! One more exam next period, & I'm out of here!

So I know Shian mentioned yesterday about how I had a little incident yesterday morning that pretty much ruined the entire day. So here's the story but first lets rewind back to last Tuesday.

So last Tuesday I was on my way to Chick-fil-a, all excited and what not for some good food. So I turn left at the red light, go around the corner, & run straight into a really nice, really big truck. My first thought was dangit, I'm not getting any food :(

So I have to follow the guy into a bi-lo parking lot and we get outa nd look at both our cars. Turns out he was in the military down in SC for business, in a government car. Yep, Just my luck that I would hit a really nice government car. His backend was scrathed but my little baby Sophie got the worst of it :( My whole left headlight was hanging out and the hood ws dented in. So the police came and we got everything worked out. I thought everything was going to be good until yesterday....

I got my first speeding ticket on the way to school. I admit I was driving too fast for a school zone.. but what kind of cop pulls teenage girl over in the morning before school.. especially right before exams! He wasn't a very pleasent guy either.. After him being rude to both me & Shian, I was left with a $105 ticket. Awesome.

So I'm going to be working my little tail off for $2000 to pay for damage on my car and anothe $100 for the ticket. My life just rocks. Oh, and I have to go to court :( I might cry..

I'm really thankful that nobody was hurt in the wreck or with my speeding. God is amazing, & He kept me safe and I'm so greatful.

I hope you learn a lesson from me.. Drive slow and never say you won't get in a wreck or get a ticket, because I said that & look what happened!

Have an amazing end of the week and weekend!
-Maylon :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pinterest Potpourri! Feelin Blue Edition

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow is our last day of school! We are soo extremely happy for summer, but sad because we wont be seeing each other nearly as much :(

Ive been doing A LOT of pinning this week because in one of my classes we use computers everyday and we haven't been doing anything so Pinterest saw a lot of me this week :)  So here are my top 10 blue pins!
really good words of advice!
such a cute thank you gift idea! perfect for teachers gifts
i really like the wood work on the walls of this bedroom. The blue made the little space seem larger and more comfortable

This print of South Carolina can be bought on Etsy from poppyandpinecone. i absolutely love it, it would match my bedroom. (they also have prints like this of almost every other state! check for yours!) 

with all of the rainy weather we've been having lately, i could use a pair of these! especially this color! perfect for a rainy southern afternoon :)

this blue maxi dress is super cute and flowy and perfect for summer!

really neat twist on the original cinnamon sugar pull-apart "monkey bread" pizza bites!:)
this hair style would probably take like 5-7 minutes max. it keeps your hair out of your face and is cute!
amazing photoshoot on a boat. Photographers dream

Finally, this is dedicated to Maylon. I know she was feeling like she had a bad life after her little incident before school this morning! I'll leave you in suspense for her to tell you about it if she wants ;)

Which of these pins did you like and which ones were "ehh.."? drop us a note in the comment box :)

Hoping you all have a marvelous rest of the week!

In Gods Love,
Shian :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trendy Tuesday

Hey! I have missed you guys, I have been slacking lately...shame on me!
I wanted to show you this trend that I am curious about.
Alright it's called ombre hair, I have since it bad and good. I just can't decide because some say it is still in style while others say it's not.....hmmmmm what to do.
Here are the good...and the bad of ombre hair:

LOVE IT, Now she can pull this off.
Demi Lovato
Really like this too..a lot!

nooo not okay, maybe its just the way it's styled..but then again is it styled at all?

I will be watching this trend, and who knows might even do it myself!
Love y'all! - Hailey 

Monday, May 21, 2012

All Things Lilly.

Happy Monday lovelies!

Usually Mondays are the most dreadful day of the week for me but today was definitely not. It was the last Monday of the school year. We have one more full day and then 2 half days and then it's SUMMERTIME!

You have no idea how excited I am! I'm just dying to be able to wear all those cute summer clothes. So today, I shopped on Lilly Pulitzer for probably an hour and a half just adding to the list of things I want for summer. Yeah I think I have a slight obsession...

But I want to show you guys my summer wish list from Lilly Pulitzer :)

this dress is PERFECT. I think I'm in love

This dress is so summer! It's so casual and comfy but still looks gorgeous

I have been obsessing over this dress for a very long time now.. I need it!!

Summer scarves? um yes please!

normally wouldn't wear bangles, but I really like this one

I've been looking for the perfect new pair of sunglasses... I think I found them!

Well I think that it's clear I need a really good paying job or a rich boyfriend. Either one would be nice. :)

What Summer trends are you wanting in your closet? We love to hear from yall!

Have an amazing rest of the week!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


  Today, Hailey's mom got a surgery to remove a tumor on her neck/face. Many prayers were said and the surgery went well. She is recoving but she will be in pain for awhile so we ask that you pray for Hailey's mom and her and her family.

In other news, we made our first Chick-Fil-A run in a loongg time today.About time, i was having withdrawals. Whaddya know, you cant even go to Chick-Fil-A without being part of The Awkward Life of Hailey Show. It was still a good time, though :) Thanks to a coupon, I got a free kid's meal (large lemonade included. yesss) complete with an icecream cone (i was resisting the urge to unicone). Yumminess.

smiles after Chick-Fil-A

Maylon's car Sofie was looking sad today, with part of one of it's headlights gone. I found a bracelet in the parking lot that im pretty sure was made for me to find. I put it to good use by tying it around a cord sticking out of the whole where Sophie's headlight was supposed to be. Double knotted. It's staying there forever, even when the car gets fixed. I took the time to snap a picture to show ya'll, but of course it won't download. Oh well, you get the point.

Tomorrow is our last Friday as Sophomores! Which is bittersweet, because we're more than ready for summer, but i'm going to miss some of the people i see everyday! Our last day of school is the 24th. As soon as exams are over, schools outttt!
 It's crazy how fast the school year has gone by.
Or just life in general.
Seriously, how did i get to be 16 and driving to school and taking final exams and paying for gas money? I remember thinking about this stuff when i was little and i couldnt wait to grow up, life was going to be fabulous in high school. Well i was right, it is fabulous. I just didnt realize that it was already amazing then! i live a blessed life :)

Thank You, Jesus!
One more thing: Just a reminder that comments are GOOD! We love to hear from readers! Tell us what you think!

I apologize for the randomness of today's post. I guess that's just Life :)

Have a marvelous weekend! I hope it's blessed:)
Shian <3

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Poutporri

It's wednesday :) I'm so happy this week is almost over!
Here are my top ten from pinterest this week.

I feel like this is need of a #YOLO
these shorts are perff <3

umm yes, this neon is gorgeous!

they all go so beautiful together!

DIY headbands, LOVE! need to learn how to do these

DIY button heart. Want this in my room!

whoever thought of this is amazing! DIY cupcake liner flowers. no need to water & they're beautiful!

Seriously need this on my wall or something to get me out of the slump I've been in this week.

I'm obssesed with top knots! If only I could pull it off

Love how effortless she likes. It's beautiful

Have a great rest of the week lovelies :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Color Run

I am so totally excited about hopefully (fingers crossed) doing The Color Run.  Don't know what it is?

Well it is a 5k but it's more for fun then an actually race. Throughout the race you get all of these bright lovely colors thrown on you. I don't know about ya'll but that sounds like a super good time to me!

Whoever came up with this idea is a genuis! I seriously love it, because it's another fun thing to do that will get people to want to be healthy.

But.... In sadder news, I got in my first wreck today. My poor little car is smushed on the front :( but I'm so thankful no one was hurt. God truely is amazing because I know it could have been so much worse. I'm so greatful.

Anyways.... I hope your day is lovely :)

- Maylon

Friday, May 11, 2012

Miracles are Possible

Today, I'm going to share a story. This story was an assignment for a class I had last semester but it's not just any story. It's a story that i really experienced, the story of a moment when my eyes were really opened to the awesomeness of God. I thank Him for allowing me to experience this, even though it seemed awful at the time. I want to share this story as a way to show others that the miracles Jesus performed in the Old Testament aren't impossible this many years later.

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Miracles are Possible
Three quiet words, hardly understandable, spoken into my ear through a phone on summer day.

“I miss you.”

Spoken by a boy, a boy who loves tractors, cars, trucks, dirt, dogs, his family, his friends, church, and most of all - Jesus.

Spoken by a boy with the most adorable smile, a boy who said things that made me laugh, a boy who frustrated me sometimes.

These words were spoken by a boy who I couldn’t imagine life without.

And now, I knew I didn’t have to.

My hand grips the phone a little tighter. Tears seep out of my eyes, squeezed shut, and spike my eyelashes. My eyes open and I look up, sending a prayer to God.

A God who I now know is all-powerful; a God who I know can perform miracles, even today, who I whole-heartedly believe in, who I don’t always understand what he does, but I trust. Thanking a God who I was brought closer to in 2 ½ weeks.

The emotions that I had been cycling through these last couple of weeks have worn me down, both physically and mentally.  These three words were like a drop of water on a thirsty tongue; relief.

My six year old brother Tyler had fallen from a tree onto pavement. His skull was cracked, his brain was swelling, and I didn’t think he was even going to live. Through ways that I will never understand, the doctors and nurses at Greenville Memorial Children’s Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) were able to use their God-given knowledge and technology to stabilize him enough so that we knew he was going to live.

Now, there was the question of brain damage. Would we ever be able to watch Tyler run around the front yard, playing football with his brothers? Would we be able to hear him read his Bible out loud again, sounding out the words slowly? Would he ever even walk, or talk, or grow, or learn, or live his life the way we had always pictured?

Going to the hospital the first time to see Tyler, I stepped off of the elevator and saw my dad standing across the room. Without realizing it, I ran across the room and fell into his arms. My heart broke as I felt my father crying, our bodies shaking together, trying to both give and take strength from each other.

The hallway to Tyler’s room seemed miles long, and I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what I was about to see. Seeing my little brother lying more still than I had ever seen him, attached to so many tubes and wires and machines, a bolt screwed into his skull to measure swelling of his brain, a little stuffed dog laying on a small space of his stomach that wasn’t occupied by wires, made me choke up.

I wanted to tell him so many things. I wanted to let him know how much he meant to me, how I missed him so much, and that he needed to hang in there because he had so much to look forward to into his life. The only thing I could do was stroke his hand and whisper “I love you, buddy,” my voice cracking and tears flooding my eyes.

The emotions and feelings that I felt those weeks are something I can’t even explain.  I learned so much from this experience, things that I could never have learned without it. I think I grew up a lot too, having to take the role of mom and dad to seven of my other siblings while my parents stayed in the hospital with Tyler.

The most valuable thing I learned was that miracles are possible. Not only has Tyler survived his accident, he came out with no brain damage whatsoever, something that most of us didn’t even think possible.

Hearing him speak to me for the first time in two weeks, I realized that Matthew 19:26 holds so much truth.

With God, all things are possible.

Have an amazing and blessed weekend.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinterest Potpourri

It's that time again, so let me show you some things that caught my eye on Pinterest!

I want this car! Pretty much just because it makes cool noises!

Simple yet cute, perfect for our insane dress code

sooooooooo precious!

smart! I need to do this for the summer so I don't worry about my things!

Luke & Easton, love their music and their looks (;

When I live on my farm!

Wish I could walk on these!

Can't wait for summer! I love Eric Church!

Love this idea! Favorite Bible verse!

this would be so fun!
Have an amazing week!
love always- Hailey (: