Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Weekend! part 1

Happy Birthday (two days late) to Hailey! I love you so much Hailey and I am so happy to be able to say that you are one of my best friends ever! You are so sweet and hilarious and i love watching The Awkward Life of Hailey show every day.

We started off our 3-day weekend by skipping school. Yeah, slackers and losers. But was it worth the sleep that I would have needed so much by this morning? Absolutely.

On Friday night, Maylon, Hailey, our friends Jillian, Natalie, Morgan, Julie, Lindsey and my sister Savannah met at Applebee's to celebrate my birthday. A week late, but better late than never!:)
love these girls :)

 Maylon, Hailey and Jillian got there before everybody else. When we (finally!) got our table, the waitress came out with two ballons and two cupcakes from a cupcake store called Iced, and gave them to me! Jillian, Hailey and Maylon had planned ahead for that to happen and it was so sweet of them to do, it made me so happy!

The food was delicious and we all had a good time. Jillian let the whole restaurant know that she was "not ashamed!" and the waitress treated us like we were 4. No, we dont need kid's menus and booster seats but thanks for asking. Good times, man.

As soon as we left Applebees, we took our normal masks off. First step, drop cupcake box. Upside down, of course. Just another day in the life of Shian.

Then, to McDonalds. To do some of this. I already had Savannah and Natalie in my car but Hailey, Maylon and Jillian got in too. I drove up to the drive-thru and nervously ordered two small ice cream cones and two cookies. let me tell you, i was scaredddd. I dont even remember paying but a soon as i got up to the second window, i saw the employee was an innocent looking Spanish woman. She opened the window and the butterflies in my stomach flew away. Pass the first cone to Hailey, who was in the front seat, the cookies to whoever caught them in the back and grab the last cone for myself.
Employee: "Thank you, have a nice day!"
Me: "No, wait, I have a question!"
Employee: "yes?"
Me: "Do you believe in unicorns?"
Employee: "Umm unicorns? no, no i dont believe in unicorns."
Hailey and I: *shove the cones, ice cream and all, onto our heads* "BELIEVE!"

The look on that poor woman's face was priceless. I've never seen anyone's eyes get so big or someone's mouth drop that far. I think she had to pick her jaw up off the ground after we drove away.

As good as that Unicone-ing session was, we wanted to do it again. So we went down the road to Sonic. If you've never been to Sonic, it's a drive-in restaurant, where you drive your car into a space next to a board that has the menu and speakers to make your orders. They also have a Drive-Thru, so Mayon drove my car through it with Jillian in the passenger seat.

Same thing, different employee. But this time, he think Maylon said "Do you believe in uniforms?" so he said yes and Jillian was like "Keep believin'!" and smashed the cone onto her head. Maylon clarified that she asked about uniCORNS, not uniFORMS. So the guy said no, no he didnt believe in unicorns. Maylon smashed her cone onto her head, yelled "Have a great night!" and drove away. The guy was like oookayyyyyy....??

We were laughing so hard and there was ice cream everywhere s Maylon pulled my car into a space so we could clean up. I had ice cream all over my head and face and dripping everywhere and as i got out of the car, two little kids came around the corner, staring at me. I gave them a stare back and waved. I turned and saw a girl who was working there and did the same for her. She was looking at me and laughing and all of the sudden i realized "That girl goes to our school!!!!" HAHA sorry bout that.
i apoligize to those poor individuals who had to experience this sight.

Good thing Jillian had given me a package of Wet Ones as part of my birthday gift. Because we needed them. There was ice cream everywhere. I still keep finding sticky spots and drips of vanilla soft serve in the most impossible places in my car. Yay for leather interiors!

Girl Who Goes to Our School comes back out and we call her over. "Did they tell you what we did?" Her: "Yes! Theyre all laughing and talking about it!" The drive-thru man comes on over the intercom: "We all believe in unicorns now!" *cheers all around* Me:"Good! Im glad we converted you to unicornism! Have a great night!"

So that was the first part of our great weekend. Stay tuned for part 2, hopefully to be posted tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!
God Bless,
Shian =)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skipping and Coneing.

So tomorrow all of us are just gonna stay out of school. why you might ask? cause we just don't care...haha right my mom would approve. No we aren't doing anything at school tomorrow so we decided to just take a break. A much needed brake if I can say. This has been a LONG and crazy week! and like a cool kid I have to go get my permit renewed...yeah it's sad. but I'm almost done with drivers ed and that means I'm super close to being able to drive!

So ever heard of coneing? well check out the video above.

Okay crazy we know. But how much fun would that be?! We decided to find this out. soooooooo tomorrow we are gonna hit up a couple places and do some coning. yep. be prepared.

have an amazing week! - Hailey

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinterest Potpourri

It's Wednesday :) Which means the week is almost over, hallelujah!
Here are 10 of our favorite things from Pinterest this week.
This bathing suit is adorable. makes me want summer even more :)

Love everything about this outfit.
want a dress like this so bad! so adorable.
such an amazing idea.
just perfect.
seriously so true. this is such great motivation!!

hahaha, story of my life!
Lilly <3
something i need to work on.

This is seriously the CUTEST kitchen I've ever seen.

I hope the rest of your week is lovely :) God Bless.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trendy Tueday: Lace & Leather

white lace shirt c/o New Directions (Belk), leather belt c/o WetSeal, jeans c/o/ Gap, leather sandals c/o X-Appeal, leather cross-body bag c/o Nine West

This lovely lace shirt has been hanging in my closet for about a year and i finally decided to take it out. Turns out, it makes for a really cute outfit! The frilliness of the shirt contrasts perfectly with the brown leather in the belt and shoes. when i first saw the belt i thought it would be way to big to look good with anything but when paired with this shirt, its not as prominent. I've been seeing a lot of lace out in stores lately and i am falling in love with it! also, with leather! and when they get together, i think it's a perfect match! I'm keeping my eyes out for anything lace and/or leather because it can go with almost anything! :)

without purse. wet hair c/o not waking up early enough. kidding;)
I think this outfit actually looks better without the purse. With the purse, it's a little too much.

I will definitely be wearing this outfit again. You'll probably be seeing it again soon (very soon ;] ) It's become one of my favorites- perfect for summer!

I hope your Tuesday was amazing! Thanks for stopping by Southern Flair :)

in love and God's Peace and Blessings,
Shian :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lord, all I am is Yours forever.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful start to your week :)
I just want to take this time to share with you what God has been doing in my life lately.

God has been working so greatly in my life lately. I recently just re-read an amazing book by Francis Chan,  called Crazy Love. It truly is so convicting, & has helped me grow so much. In the book Francis Chan talks about how so many of us are "lukewarm Christians". Sometimes we just assume we are good because we go to church regurally, and we pray. But that is not true, and I have definitely been convicted of that. We're called as Christians to be totally consumed and in love with Jesus Christ, not just partially committed. Lately God has shown me that I need to let others see Him through me. My life should look & be totally different than the world because I am changed. I'm working on doing that, and being the girl that God wants me to be, and not what the world wants me to be. I feel like sometimes when I'm going through  something tough, I try to take it into my own hands. But, I really need to be giving it up to God and relying and trusting in Him to get me through it. I hope that this week you'll give God all the control in your life and you will thank Him for the many blessings in your life that none of us deserve. I will be doing the same.

I want to leave you with lyrics from one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs.

" And if our God is for us then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us than what could stand against? Our God is greater, our God is stronger. God You are higher than any other. Our God is Healer, awesome in power."

I would love to pray for you this week, or just talk about anything your going through. You can comment below or email me at

Thanks for reading! Have an amazing week. God Bless.

Friday, April 20, 2012


now i can say I'm 16 years old. it seems so much older than 15 for some reason..

i say i have the best friends in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, because i do.
thank you sooo much, Maylon and Hailey for the amazing day, the amazing present and the post that i just re-read like 4 times. i love y'all soo much and i thank God for  giving me amazing people like you in my life!
thank you, Chastity for being getting flowers sent to my school for me! that was the sweetest thing and i almost cried. the only thing better that you could have gotten me was yourself a trip down here, but it's okay, we'll make up for it this summer! i love you to pieces.
Thank you to all three of you for being the best friends a girl could have. Thank you for staying up till midnight just to tell me happy birthday and for doing everything you could to make sure that my day was amazing. every day with y'all as my friends is amazing. thank you for getting to know each other, you don't even know how excited i am that you "met" even if it was via facebook. someday you'll meet in real life and we will all be the four amigas. thank you for always being there for me and for encouraging me and for making me laugh. I LOVE Y'ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK.

now i can say that i have a car. its true. picking that baby up tomorrow afternoon. Maylons excited because she can sleep in and not pick me up (kiddinggg!), Hailey's excited because we're gonna be Built Ford Tough twins (shirts,please?), and I'm excited because i just got my first car (Who wouldn't be?!). ill put pictures up when i can :)

now i can say that I've had  a poptart with a candle in it. Thanks, Hailey;)

now i can say that my "I'm only up this early because of ChickFilA" face has been released to the world wide web. see the last post. cute stuff.

now i can say that Southern Flair has successfully survived their first week of blogging! *fist pump and high five*  Way to go, I'm proud of us and i love what we've started:)

i say that God is amazing. i don't lie. I'm so blessed<3

Love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

God Bless, Shian :)

Shian's Sweet 16!

First I just want to say, HAPPY SWEET 16 SHIAN!! You're such an amazing person and I feel so lucky to have you as a friend! I love you soooo much.

So we started her birthday off by going to breakfast together at Chick-fil-a (our absolute favorite place). I think it's the 4th time in a row we've been this week... but you know whos counting?!
the lovely birthday girl!

Then after that, we had school :/ it was a serious party pooper. So we got in to school, & I got to thinking about Shian's present.. Then it totally hit me that we had left it sitting in the booth at Chick-fil-a! Of course... it wouldn't be a day in the life of Maylon, Hailey, & Shian if something like this didn't happen!

So we have to leave school before the first bell rings, walk all the way down the neverending hill to the parking lot.

We finally get there and get the present that they thankfully held for us.

We just chilled in the parking lot for a little while.. (not wanting to go back to school) and Shian got to open her gift from Hailey & I. It was an assortment little goodies, but she loved it. :)

Today was such an amazing day! I'm so glad we were able to be a part of and share Shian's birthday with her.

I know her day got even better once she got home because.... SHE IS GETTING A CAR! Yayyyy, it's so exciting!!

I hope your day was the absolute best Shian. You're one of the best friends I ever could have dreamed of having. I love you so  much dear, & i looked forward to all of us sharing many more birthdays in the future. :) oh & p.s.- congratulations on your car, you better come pick me soon in your hot new ride! - Maylon

p.s.s.As Maylon said, it was an amazing day! Happy Birthday Shian! I hope you enjoyed it! Even though we have only know each other for 2 years now, we have a friendship that it takes years to build. Speaking of bring built, I can't wait to be "built Ford tough with you!" Love you so much! - Hailey

Thursday, April 19, 2012

it's over.

The HSAP's are done. over. finished. completed.
The HSAP is a standardized test for all sophomores. Don't even ask what it stands for. But you have to pass to get your diploma. All of us were dreading it. Today was the last day and it was the math portion. [insert panic attacks here]. BUT, it's done!
our "hallelujah, no more testing" faces. cuteness.

We celebrated with Chick-Fil-A cookies. Which are THE BOMB. next time you happen to be at Chick-Fil-A (for us it's been like 3 times this week) get one. or 234543. and give the ones you don't want to me. But once you have one, you wont want to give the rest up, i promise.

And since sitting here hoping for a passing grade on the HSAP and more cookies wont help anything, I'm gonna go do something useful. like lay in bed and wait to turn 16 :)

Goodnight and God Bless!<3
- Shian :]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest Potpourri

So every Wednesday we are going to show you a random assortment of things we love on one of our favorite websites, Pinterest. Since I love being random,(trust me it gets to a point were I can be a little bit confusing) it was easy finding ten things to share with you. So here we go...
Neon so in right now. Kinda wish I could pulls these off... Shian could!
it's so nice too see someone actually pull these off *cough cough
uhm yeah pretty much my whole school day.
I miss those days when it could be the first week of Spring and I had a perfect tan :(
Loving the skirt....the shirt ehhhhh we can work on that.
Oh Wiz, your so right <3
Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London- Roadtrip!
This shirts got me singing "love, love me do"

I want this done sooooo bad! It looks so cute!

 Pink shoes will make me run faster...sike I  just hope they get me to run at all!

Have an amazing day! God Bless - Hailey

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trendy Tuesday

Every Tuesday here at Southern Flair we will be doing an outfit post to show you what trends we are currently swooning over!
Cardigan-c/o Loft, Tank- c/o F21, Jeans- c/o Hollister, Boots c/o Underground Station
Cardigans were a definite must have this year! Seriously, they take up half my closet. Leather boots are always a must have.I love love love leather boots because you can wear them with almost anything! I really like this outfit because the mustard yellow from the cardigan compliments so well with the brown of the boots. Yellow is one of my most favorite colors of Spring & it is so in this season! I'm totally obsessed with cardigans and boots  this season, so I'm sure this won't be the last time you'll here me talk about them :)

I hope you have an amazing week! - Maylon
*and some picture taking skills by Hailey (;

Monday, April 16, 2012


Invincible. Unable to be defeated. That was us this weekend.

We are now bow-shooting, bike-riding, van-driving, car thieves.

Friday afternoon, we came to my house and I taught Maylon and Hailey how to shoot my bow. They loved it so much that they want bow their selves!:)
And they should get them, because they're amazing at it!
Maylon only lost one arrow!;) No really, that's good!

Hailey is a beast.

Note to self: Teaching archery- You're NOT doing it right. Thanks to my brother for making me realize that Maylon was holding the bow wrong!:) my fault

Saturday morning, I showed up to Maylon's house in a 15-passenger van. Yeah, we drove it. We had no other choice..but i had promised them a ride in it, i guess they just got it earlier than expected!

We put bikes in the back and drove to Greenville.

The GPS took us to the wrong place so we just drove around a neighborhood looking sketchy as 3 teenager girls in a church bus until we decided to find it ourselves.

And we did! We found the place we were supposed to be at but not anywhere to park. So we drove around in circles until we found this patch of dirt on the side of the road. Other cars were parked there so we were like "okayyy let's do it!"

Uhmmm yeah. Almost dumped the van into a random 3-foot hole in the middle of the "parking lot". Ohhh so THAT'S why there was free parking.....
By some miracle, I was able to squeeze it into a space. We got the bikes out and rode to a trail.

To bike 20 miles. Yep, twenty miles. All by ourselves!;)

pictures before we started
trying to be a sneaky photographer;)
cute train car on the side of the path about halfway,so we had to take pictures duhh;)

We went 10 miles, stopped at this restaurant and ate and biked 10 back. Let me tell you: the sandwich we had at that restaurant was THE.BEST.EVER. not even kidding.
We went into an ice cream shop and just stood there sniffing because it smelled amazing. But we decided not to get anything and forced ourselves back outside. That was tough.
yay, we're done! thanks, biker dude for taking our picture. we wish we could be as professional as you.

SO... our plan is to get back to the car van, put the bikes back and go find something to eat. Get back to the van- check. Put the bikes back- check. Lock the keys in- check.
First step: call my dad. He says to take the antenna off the hood of the van and get it in between the door and the frame of the car to push the unlock button. If we can't get it in 15 minutes, call him and he'll come rescue us. But told him that wouldn't be necessary because we could do it!:)

I take the antenna off. Somehow shove it in between the door and frame. And push. And push. No luck, it's not getting close enough to the button. Take it out, bend it. Shove it back in. Get on the hood. Maylon kicks it. Hailey tries.

Okay, so try to imagine this. We're three teenage girls in a random dirt patch in the middle of a city. On top of a green 15-passenger van. Breaking in. Tons of people, including cops have seen us. Nobody asks what we are doing or if we need help. Either 1.) We are invisible or 2.)We look like we can handle it or 3.)nobody cares. Lets just go with number 2...

come on, hailey. one more time!

"i got this".

After what seemed like hours, we got it. High fives when we open the door. My dad called: "You get it?" "Yeah! Finally!" "Now you can start your careers as car thieves!" kay, dad!

After that, we were starving. We found this froyo place called Blueberry Frog that looked really good. The guy that worked there was...strange. He tried to be all cool and flip our change around when he gave it to us. No, not cool.  And he gave me a whole lecture on Cook Out's food. I don't work there, dude, I just wear the shirt.  
They only had 5 flavors of yogurt and you could only get 3 toppings and all for $5.50. But it was worth it. That was the best frozen yogurt I've ever had.Yummmm i want more.
Like Hailey said, less is more.

When we were done, we went back to the van and actually got in with a key this time. Maylon and Hailey have to get out and direct me out of the parking lot dirt patch.Not only do we look weird driving a van with three bikes and two baby carseats, now we have an antenna bent at a 90 degree angle and footprints all over the hood. Really classy, we know.

So yeah. that adventure. I'm pretty sure when we got home,  we all felt like 1.) sleeping for 3 days and 2.) we could do anything.
But I would do it all over again if i got the chance.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philipians 4:13 (KJV)
Have an amazing day!
-Shian =]

p.s- i apologize for the awful phone pictures:/

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Welcome to Southern Flair!

Hey! Welcome to Southern Flair! We are Maylon, Hailey and Shian, three girls living in the sunny south. Our shared love of fashion, food, fitness, crafts, our families, our friends, our lives, each other, and above all, Jesus, has inspired us to start a blog together. Thanks for stopping by, we hope you'll come again!:)

God Bless,
Shian, Hailey and Maylon