Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinterest Poutporri

Happy Wednesday lovelies! The week is almost & I'm too excited :)

Here are my top ten from Pinterest this week!

um hello, can I please look just like you ?

LOVE these shorts, and the top with it is adorable and so cute for summer!

PERFF bracelets <3 I want all of these.

can I please get paid soon so I can go shopping!!

Really want to do one of these for my bedroom.. super cute.

I have no words to describe the shorts. I'm in love with them

really need a polo hat before the beach

OH YES! Mint chocolate chip cookies! What could possibly be better?

Fringe bathing suits are seriously the cutest

Well I hope the rest of yall's week goes by fantastic. I love yall!!

-Maylon :)

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