Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

So Today we are introducing two of our lovely sponors for this month! They both have amazing
 so you should definitely stop by and check them out!

First is Bevery from la la Love Learn and Laugh

Hey! My name is Beverly, and I'm a 20- something year old gal who is a newborn to the blogging world! I am a native to Southern California... where the sun shines, the smog is thick, the traffic is bumper to bumper, and where you can be in the mountains, beach, forest (ok... Rainforest Cafe), and desert in ONE day!! My blog is a fulfillment in my life which helps me to stop and be present in the here and now! Come on over and let's chat about life!

Lauren from TIPPEE CANOE

Hey Y'all, I'm Lauren! Friends call me Lo! I'm a 20-something, born and raised in a small town in Southern Alberta, Canada. Where the wind blows fiercely, and the snow falls in truck loads (as do the Cowboys!), but when its beautiful it sure is BEAUTIFUL!
I first started my blog last year as a way to keep my family and friends as close as possible while I was busy moving here there and everywhere. But along the way I haven fallen in love with it and it is starting to grow! After moving a lot in the last year (places include Hawaii and Idaho) I am currently back in good ol' Canada, doing my day job of cleaning and fixing teeth, and trying
to find ways to keep myself excited about life!
I am a lover of all things spontaneous, creative, yummy and wonderful!
I love to dance, travel, bake, take pictures, sing, play the guitar, paint and most importantly laugh!
Because that's what life is all about!
Over the last couple of years, I have really learned to embrace life and go for my dreams. And if I fall flat on my face, to just get up, keep on going and make it work! Life is for living and not just enduring!
TIPPEE CANOE, is a glance into the things I love, my life, and where it takes me.
 A little here,and a little there, and whatever happens along the way!

So come on over and stay a while, I won't mind!

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  1. awww.. thanks for the love sweet girls!! I shall be spotlighting you three next week ;)wooooooooop!