Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just another day in the life of Maylon

Happy Thursday! It's definitely a happy day for Hailey, Shian, & I because it's our last day of school! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for Summer! One more exam next period, & I'm out of here!

So I know Shian mentioned yesterday about how I had a little incident yesterday morning that pretty much ruined the entire day. So here's the story but first lets rewind back to last Tuesday.

So last Tuesday I was on my way to Chick-fil-a, all excited and what not for some good food. So I turn left at the red light, go around the corner, & run straight into a really nice, really big truck. My first thought was dangit, I'm not getting any food :(

So I have to follow the guy into a bi-lo parking lot and we get outa nd look at both our cars. Turns out he was in the military down in SC for business, in a government car. Yep, Just my luck that I would hit a really nice government car. His backend was scrathed but my little baby Sophie got the worst of it :( My whole left headlight was hanging out and the hood ws dented in. So the police came and we got everything worked out. I thought everything was going to be good until yesterday....

I got my first speeding ticket on the way to school. I admit I was driving too fast for a school zone.. but what kind of cop pulls teenage girl over in the morning before school.. especially right before exams! He wasn't a very pleasent guy either.. After him being rude to both me & Shian, I was left with a $105 ticket. Awesome.

So I'm going to be working my little tail off for $2000 to pay for damage on my car and anothe $100 for the ticket. My life just rocks. Oh, and I have to go to court :( I might cry..

I'm really thankful that nobody was hurt in the wreck or with my speeding. God is amazing, & He kept me safe and I'm so greatful.

I hope you learn a lesson from me.. Drive slow and never say you won't get in a wreck or get a ticket, because I said that & look what happened!

Have an amazing end of the week and weekend!
-Maylon :)

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