Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Weekend! part 2

first off, a picture that didnt make it to yesterdays post:

maylon and jillian after becoming unicorns at Sonic :)

Saturday was Hailey's birthday and she had her party that night. We all had a good time but we were still wanting to go uniconing again. We finally talked Hailey's dad into bringing us.  So Hailey, Maylon, Jillian, Jess, Jessica, Hailey's brother Hayden, her cousin, her dad and I all piled into their minivan. And drive to Sonic.

Normal people drive through the drive-thru.
We backed through it.
Normal people open a window and order.
We opened the sliding door, Jillian got out and stood in front of the speaker to order.
I guess we're just not normal ;)

The employee to Jillian: "uh, ma'am, you know you backed into the drive-thru, right?" oh really? no, we didnt realize that.
Jillian: "yeah we know. is that a problem?"
Employee: "Well yeah it would be but we're not really busy right now so you shouldnt get hit." oh good thanks for the reassurance.
Jillian: "Okay well our driver's side window doesnt work. Can i get four small cones?"

We pulled to the front and at this Sonic, the worker brings out your order, there isnt a window. Everybody inside is laughing and taking pictures. Jess and Jessica are sitting at a table, ready to video. A boy that goes to school with us comes out and starts to get in his car. Maylon says "You wanna stay here for this!" he left anyway. his loss.

When the guy finally came out with our cones, he gave them to us, i gave him the money and Maylon asked "Do you believe in unicorns?" "No." "BELIEVE!"  four perfectly good ice cream cones get smashed onto our heads. The guy looks at all of us and his face is like "Did that really just happen?!" he reaches for his phone and asks to take a picture so we all got out and took a picture of our new friend, Donique.
four Unicones and Donique

and here's a video of it all. i dont think the sound works, and its not great quality but you can see us all smashing the cones onto our heads and Donique reaching for his phone :)
Before we left, we asked if he believed in unicorns now. He said "I at least believe in four of them!"

Hailey and her little brother Hayden. "This is what all the girls at my school do" good call.

Thank you for stopping by, i hope you enjoyed our adventure : )

Have a great day!

Love, Shian:)

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