Thursday, April 19, 2012

it's over.

The HSAP's are done. over. finished. completed.
The HSAP is a standardized test for all sophomores. Don't even ask what it stands for. But you have to pass to get your diploma. All of us were dreading it. Today was the last day and it was the math portion. [insert panic attacks here]. BUT, it's done!
our "hallelujah, no more testing" faces. cuteness.

We celebrated with Chick-Fil-A cookies. Which are THE BOMB. next time you happen to be at Chick-Fil-A (for us it's been like 3 times this week) get one. or 234543. and give the ones you don't want to me. But once you have one, you wont want to give the rest up, i promise.

And since sitting here hoping for a passing grade on the HSAP and more cookies wont help anything, I'm gonna go do something useful. like lay in bed and wait to turn 16 :)

Goodnight and God Bless!<3
- Shian :]

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