Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Weekend! part 1

Happy Birthday (two days late) to Hailey! I love you so much Hailey and I am so happy to be able to say that you are one of my best friends ever! You are so sweet and hilarious and i love watching The Awkward Life of Hailey show every day.

We started off our 3-day weekend by skipping school. Yeah, slackers and losers. But was it worth the sleep that I would have needed so much by this morning? Absolutely.

On Friday night, Maylon, Hailey, our friends Jillian, Natalie, Morgan, Julie, Lindsey and my sister Savannah met at Applebee's to celebrate my birthday. A week late, but better late than never!:)
love these girls :)

 Maylon, Hailey and Jillian got there before everybody else. When we (finally!) got our table, the waitress came out with two ballons and two cupcakes from a cupcake store called Iced, and gave them to me! Jillian, Hailey and Maylon had planned ahead for that to happen and it was so sweet of them to do, it made me so happy!

The food was delicious and we all had a good time. Jillian let the whole restaurant know that she was "not ashamed!" and the waitress treated us like we were 4. No, we dont need kid's menus and booster seats but thanks for asking. Good times, man.

As soon as we left Applebees, we took our normal masks off. First step, drop cupcake box. Upside down, of course. Just another day in the life of Shian.

Then, to McDonalds. To do some of this. I already had Savannah and Natalie in my car but Hailey, Maylon and Jillian got in too. I drove up to the drive-thru and nervously ordered two small ice cream cones and two cookies. let me tell you, i was scaredddd. I dont even remember paying but a soon as i got up to the second window, i saw the employee was an innocent looking Spanish woman. She opened the window and the butterflies in my stomach flew away. Pass the first cone to Hailey, who was in the front seat, the cookies to whoever caught them in the back and grab the last cone for myself.
Employee: "Thank you, have a nice day!"
Me: "No, wait, I have a question!"
Employee: "yes?"
Me: "Do you believe in unicorns?"
Employee: "Umm unicorns? no, no i dont believe in unicorns."
Hailey and I: *shove the cones, ice cream and all, onto our heads* "BELIEVE!"

The look on that poor woman's face was priceless. I've never seen anyone's eyes get so big or someone's mouth drop that far. I think she had to pick her jaw up off the ground after we drove away.

As good as that Unicone-ing session was, we wanted to do it again. So we went down the road to Sonic. If you've never been to Sonic, it's a drive-in restaurant, where you drive your car into a space next to a board that has the menu and speakers to make your orders. They also have a Drive-Thru, so Mayon drove my car through it with Jillian in the passenger seat.

Same thing, different employee. But this time, he think Maylon said "Do you believe in uniforms?" so he said yes and Jillian was like "Keep believin'!" and smashed the cone onto her head. Maylon clarified that she asked about uniCORNS, not uniFORMS. So the guy said no, no he didnt believe in unicorns. Maylon smashed her cone onto her head, yelled "Have a great night!" and drove away. The guy was like oookayyyyyy....??

We were laughing so hard and there was ice cream everywhere s Maylon pulled my car into a space so we could clean up. I had ice cream all over my head and face and dripping everywhere and as i got out of the car, two little kids came around the corner, staring at me. I gave them a stare back and waved. I turned and saw a girl who was working there and did the same for her. She was looking at me and laughing and all of the sudden i realized "That girl goes to our school!!!!" HAHA sorry bout that.
i apoligize to those poor individuals who had to experience this sight.

Good thing Jillian had given me a package of Wet Ones as part of my birthday gift. Because we needed them. There was ice cream everywhere. I still keep finding sticky spots and drips of vanilla soft serve in the most impossible places in my car. Yay for leather interiors!

Girl Who Goes to Our School comes back out and we call her over. "Did they tell you what we did?" Her: "Yes! Theyre all laughing and talking about it!" The drive-thru man comes on over the intercom: "We all believe in unicorns now!" *cheers all around* Me:"Good! Im glad we converted you to unicornism! Have a great night!"

So that was the first part of our great weekend. Stay tuned for part 2, hopefully to be posted tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!
God Bless,
Shian =)

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  1. Haha, you guys are too funny- couldn't help but laugh, again :) Wish I coulda saw that!