Friday, April 20, 2012


now i can say I'm 16 years old. it seems so much older than 15 for some reason..

i say i have the best friends in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, because i do.
thank you sooo much, Maylon and Hailey for the amazing day, the amazing present and the post that i just re-read like 4 times. i love y'all soo much and i thank God for  giving me amazing people like you in my life!
thank you, Chastity for being getting flowers sent to my school for me! that was the sweetest thing and i almost cried. the only thing better that you could have gotten me was yourself a trip down here, but it's okay, we'll make up for it this summer! i love you to pieces.
Thank you to all three of you for being the best friends a girl could have. Thank you for staying up till midnight just to tell me happy birthday and for doing everything you could to make sure that my day was amazing. every day with y'all as my friends is amazing. thank you for getting to know each other, you don't even know how excited i am that you "met" even if it was via facebook. someday you'll meet in real life and we will all be the four amigas. thank you for always being there for me and for encouraging me and for making me laugh. I LOVE Y'ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK.

now i can say that i have a car. its true. picking that baby up tomorrow afternoon. Maylons excited because she can sleep in and not pick me up (kiddinggg!), Hailey's excited because we're gonna be Built Ford Tough twins (shirts,please?), and I'm excited because i just got my first car (Who wouldn't be?!). ill put pictures up when i can :)

now i can say that I've had  a poptart with a candle in it. Thanks, Hailey;)

now i can say that my "I'm only up this early because of ChickFilA" face has been released to the world wide web. see the last post. cute stuff.

now i can say that Southern Flair has successfully survived their first week of blogging! *fist pump and high five*  Way to go, I'm proud of us and i love what we've started:)

i say that God is amazing. i don't lie. I'm so blessed<3

Love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

God Bless, Shian :)


  1. awhh darlingg!! It was my pleasure to do that and I wish it was more, especially flying down there to see you. I told Dillon we were gonna do it and he was all for it...hahahah. i love you dearly. and I'm happy I met your friends toooo=] and congrats on the car as well, totes happy for you!! alright my eyelids are shutting on me..night sweetieee!

  2. Happy sweet 16, Shian!!!
    I can tell you have some amazing friends and it made me want to cry just reading what you wrote :P
    You're very pretty even if it was early in the morning :)
    Love ya lots, girl! Someday I'll have to come visit you :)