Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skipping and Coneing.

So tomorrow all of us are just gonna stay out of school. why you might ask? cause we just don't care...haha right my mom would approve. No we aren't doing anything at school tomorrow so we decided to just take a break. A much needed brake if I can say. This has been a LONG and crazy week! and like a cool kid I have to go get my permit renewed...yeah it's sad. but I'm almost done with drivers ed and that means I'm super close to being able to drive!

So ever heard of coneing? well check out the video above.

Okay crazy we know. But how much fun would that be?! We decided to find this out. soooooooo tomorrow we are gonna hit up a couple places and do some coning. yep. be prepared.

have an amazing week! - Hailey

1 comment:

  1. Skipping school is pretty great, hey? :) My sister and I did that today.
    I had to renew my permit, too :P Finished driver's ed real recently and gonna get my license sometime here, too :)