Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trendy Tueday: Lace & Leather

white lace shirt c/o New Directions (Belk), leather belt c/o WetSeal, jeans c/o/ Gap, leather sandals c/o X-Appeal, leather cross-body bag c/o Nine West

This lovely lace shirt has been hanging in my closet for about a year and i finally decided to take it out. Turns out, it makes for a really cute outfit! The frilliness of the shirt contrasts perfectly with the brown leather in the belt and shoes. when i first saw the belt i thought it would be way to big to look good with anything but when paired with this shirt, its not as prominent. I've been seeing a lot of lace out in stores lately and i am falling in love with it! also, with leather! and when they get together, i think it's a perfect match! I'm keeping my eyes out for anything lace and/or leather because it can go with almost anything! :)

without purse. wet hair c/o not waking up early enough. kidding;)
I think this outfit actually looks better without the purse. With the purse, it's a little too much.

I will definitely be wearing this outfit again. You'll probably be seeing it again soon (very soon ;] ) It's become one of my favorites- perfect for summer!

I hope your Tuesday was amazing! Thanks for stopping by Southern Flair :)

in love and God's Peace and Blessings,
Shian :)

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