Monday, April 16, 2012


Invincible. Unable to be defeated. That was us this weekend.

We are now bow-shooting, bike-riding, van-driving, car thieves.

Friday afternoon, we came to my house and I taught Maylon and Hailey how to shoot my bow. They loved it so much that they want bow their selves!:)
And they should get them, because they're amazing at it!
Maylon only lost one arrow!;) No really, that's good!

Hailey is a beast.

Note to self: Teaching archery- You're NOT doing it right. Thanks to my brother for making me realize that Maylon was holding the bow wrong!:) my fault

Saturday morning, I showed up to Maylon's house in a 15-passenger van. Yeah, we drove it. We had no other choice..but i had promised them a ride in it, i guess they just got it earlier than expected!

We put bikes in the back and drove to Greenville.

The GPS took us to the wrong place so we just drove around a neighborhood looking sketchy as 3 teenager girls in a church bus until we decided to find it ourselves.

And we did! We found the place we were supposed to be at but not anywhere to park. So we drove around in circles until we found this patch of dirt on the side of the road. Other cars were parked there so we were like "okayyy let's do it!"

Uhmmm yeah. Almost dumped the van into a random 3-foot hole in the middle of the "parking lot". Ohhh so THAT'S why there was free parking.....
By some miracle, I was able to squeeze it into a space. We got the bikes out and rode to a trail.

To bike 20 miles. Yep, twenty miles. All by ourselves!;)

pictures before we started
trying to be a sneaky photographer;)
cute train car on the side of the path about halfway,so we had to take pictures duhh;)

We went 10 miles, stopped at this restaurant and ate and biked 10 back. Let me tell you: the sandwich we had at that restaurant was THE.BEST.EVER. not even kidding.
We went into an ice cream shop and just stood there sniffing because it smelled amazing. But we decided not to get anything and forced ourselves back outside. That was tough.
yay, we're done! thanks, biker dude for taking our picture. we wish we could be as professional as you.

SO... our plan is to get back to the car van, put the bikes back and go find something to eat. Get back to the van- check. Put the bikes back- check. Lock the keys in- check.
First step: call my dad. He says to take the antenna off the hood of the van and get it in between the door and the frame of the car to push the unlock button. If we can't get it in 15 minutes, call him and he'll come rescue us. But told him that wouldn't be necessary because we could do it!:)

I take the antenna off. Somehow shove it in between the door and frame. And push. And push. No luck, it's not getting close enough to the button. Take it out, bend it. Shove it back in. Get on the hood. Maylon kicks it. Hailey tries.

Okay, so try to imagine this. We're three teenage girls in a random dirt patch in the middle of a city. On top of a green 15-passenger van. Breaking in. Tons of people, including cops have seen us. Nobody asks what we are doing or if we need help. Either 1.) We are invisible or 2.)We look like we can handle it or 3.)nobody cares. Lets just go with number 2...

come on, hailey. one more time!

"i got this".

After what seemed like hours, we got it. High fives when we open the door. My dad called: "You get it?" "Yeah! Finally!" "Now you can start your careers as car thieves!" kay, dad!

After that, we were starving. We found this froyo place called Blueberry Frog that looked really good. The guy that worked there was...strange. He tried to be all cool and flip our change around when he gave it to us. No, not cool.  And he gave me a whole lecture on Cook Out's food. I don't work there, dude, I just wear the shirt.  
They only had 5 flavors of yogurt and you could only get 3 toppings and all for $5.50. But it was worth it. That was the best frozen yogurt I've ever had.Yummmm i want more.
Like Hailey said, less is more.

When we were done, we went back to the van and actually got in with a key this time. Maylon and Hailey have to get out and direct me out of the parking lot dirt patch.Not only do we look weird driving a van with three bikes and two baby carseats, now we have an antenna bent at a 90 degree angle and footprints all over the hood. Really classy, we know.

So yeah. that adventure. I'm pretty sure when we got home,  we all felt like 1.) sleeping for 3 days and 2.) we could do anything.
But I would do it all over again if i got the chance.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philipians 4:13 (KJV)
Have an amazing day!
-Shian =]

p.s- i apologize for the awful phone pictures:/


  1. I couldn't help but laugh and laugh as I read this :) You guys are great :) Sounds like an amazing day!

    1. Thanks :) & it definitely was an amazing day! Have a good weekend. God Bless.

  2. Woww you guys impress me! Sounds like fun I wish I could've been there..oh waiitt, i had homework and work. #lovemylife ;)

    1. We wish you could have been there too! and someday you can just slack off and come surprise us down here, kaythanksbye.